143rd Anniversary of the Reformed Episcopal Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today marks the day in 1873 that Bishop George David Cummins and others founded the Reformed Episcopal Church. Please meditate on the following quote from Bishop Charles Cheney, the second Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

"Let us enter heartily into every union movement for the spread of the truth of Christ. But let it be our aim to be a compact and organized body, strong in individuality, warming a cold world because warmed ourselves by devotion to the special trust God has committed to us.

Begin at home. Realize your own responsibility for the Church to which, in God's sight, you solemnly gave yourself when your name was enrolled among its members. Say to yourself, This is the Church—not of my bishop, ray pastor, my church officers but of myself. It is my Church. God holds me responsible for the work to be done by this communion. I am not responsible for what the other churches are doing, but for the success and usefulness of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

 Such a sense of responsibility will lead you first of all, to hold up the hands of your pastor by a regular attendance on your own appointed place of worship. The prevalent habit of roving from one church to another has its root in a conscience blunted to a profound sense of Christian duty. I may be welcome to sit down at my neighbor's table. I may find there highly-spiced food. But as a member of a household, I am deserting the place which belongs to me, and creating a gap in the family circle which no one else can fill."

On this Anniversary and for this Advent Season, pray about ways you can further the building up of the Church God has placed you in, Church of the Holy Trinity. This is the work of God as He called men such as Bishop Cummins, Cheney, and Grote to diligently undertake in the days He granted them. Let us continue to build upon what our Bishops, Presbyters, Deacons, and Laypeople have so lovingly tended since 1873 in our small part of the Kingdom. 

In Christ,

Carl Lund


Church of the Holy Trinity