The 3rd Wednesday in Lent 2019

Nations will fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the earth will fear your glory. Psalm 102:15

No matter our personal afflictions and struggles, the Lord is over all.

Even when we feel afflicted by governing authorities, God is in control.

With the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to all of us as the Church to spread the Gospel, the promise contained in this verse will come to fruition.

Many great stories and accounts abound in our Christian history of kings fearing the glory of God, of nations fearing the name of the LORD.

In all of this we find peace and solace in the midst of our circumstances.

If God can save a man like the Apostle Paul from doing the bidding of an anti-Christian government to persecute and execute Christians, He can save anyone.

If He can redeem Paul from what He did in the name of a corrupt authority, He can redeem anyone.

This is the hope we have as Christians, a hope grounded in God’s Word and repeatedly seen in history.

It is hope in Christ alone that He is at work, from the lowest to the highest levels of government officials.


Almighty God, help us in the midst of our trials to keep our minds upon you. Aid us in clinging to your promise of bringing the nations to fear your Name, and all the kings of the earth to fear your glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.