The 3rd Thursday in Lent 2019

For the LORD builds up Zion; He appears in His glory. Psalm 102:16

This is in relation to the previous verse about the nations fearing the Name of the LORD.

God builds up His Church through the Holy Spirit.

We are a visible witness to the nations of the love of God in Jesus Christ.

This building up is not as this world understands building up.

Yes, the Church through the centuries builds churches. These are throughout the world and are part of what the nations see.

Buildings are not the Body of Christ.

God's people gathered in His Name are His Church.

In the midst of our afflictions, we can take great comfort that Christ builds us up together, not apart.

A common instinct in afflictions is to retreat or run away. We are weak when apart from Christ's Body, fellow believers. We are strong in Christ, in His Body the Church.


Almighty God, help us even in our troubles to remain steadfast in the Faith and in your Church. Help us to resist the temptation to flee. Help us to remain connected with our fellow believers, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.