The 3rd Monday in Lent 2019

To hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed to die. Psalm 102:20

God looks down from His holy height not searching for the best and brightest.

Amidst humanity in terms of God’s holiness, a best and brightest category is nonexistent.

Sure, we in our propensity to sin may think we have redeeming qualities that set us apart from the destitute, from those imprisoned.

The fact though since the Fall in Genesis 3 is that every single one of us is a prisoner of sin and death.

Many of us simply put this fact to the side in favor of surface level fixes throughout life, kicking the can of dealing with our sin and mortality as far down the path we can.

Surface level fixes hone on comparing what we deem to be good things in our behavior with the worst examples of sinners we can find.

This only serve to sink us deeper in the mire of delusion, putting us into a far more precarious position than the dirty sinner that acknowledges his sin and need for Christ.

It is alright to groan to the Lord, for we are all prisoners of sin and death until Jesus returns to redeem us and raise us in glorified bodies.

He sets us free from sin and death, for every single one of us as this verse states is doomed to die.

Without Christ, we are hopeless and death is final.

With Christ, we are full of assured hope and death is defeated, grounded in Christ’s resurrection and the promise we will be raised in Him.


Almighty God, help us acknowledge our need for you. Help us know your presence with us through all our adversities, imprisonments, and the facing of death everyday as we serve you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.