The 4th Friday in Lent 2019

O my God, I say, take me not away in the midst of my days – you whose years endure throughout all generations! Psalm 102:24

This plea and prayer is appropriate.

For, it is a plea to give us time to do as we ought, to love God and our neighbors.

It is the longing that in the midst of our lives, when we have strength, that God would keep us and enable us to do His will.

Yet, this prayer is tempered with the acknowledgment that God endures throughout all time.

When we feel broken in the middle of our days, at our prime of life, it feels as if the end is close.

Yet, God uses these times when we are in the midst of life, to build us up to endure in Him alone, to cry out to Him alone.

He uses these times to teach us that we need Him, that perceived human strength in the prime of life is not strength at all compared to Almighty God.

 We need this humility all our days, to know our strength or prime of life is fleeting.

We need this humility to cherish each moment of strength as a moment to use walking in faith in Jesus Christ alone.


Almighty God, help us through this life to know all strength is from you alone. Help us to understand your mercy and cherish the time we have to live as you have called us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.