First Saturday in Lent 2019

My heart is struck down like grass and has withered; I forget to eat my bread. Psalm 102:4

The path in Christ toward healing along with knowing our shortness of time is to know our condition. Afflictions cause us to feel as the Psalmist in this verse. Whether it was due to our own sin or the sins of others against us, such often puts us in the condition described.

The rage of this world seeks to have us despair at our condition to the point we give up faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. Instead, this world will have us believe that we must pick ourselves up through faith, hope, and love in the things of this world. All of these fail and we come to the same place of this verse.

In order to be raised up in Christ, we must know we are dead and in need of His redeeming resurrection. Honesty in the conditions of our hearts and bodies before God is crucial. Yes, He knows everything. It is important for us to cry out of these things to Him so we stop hiding or covering up what is really occurring inside.

This world will tell us that things are not that bad. Or, that the afflictions we are going through are not due to rebellion or of the sins of others upon us. They will try to say these afflictions of the heart and body have remedy in turning to the sins of the flesh at a deeper level. This only serves to deaden us further.

Only in Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection do we find that our hearts are revived. Only through the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ by faith do we find our bodies revived in His sustenance. It begins with crying out to Him in prayer, telling Him all by faith through repentance.


Almighty God, assist us in the true extent of our condition of heart and body. Help us to turn to you alone through all our adversities. Help us to seek you alone in our prayers and cries. Help us to know you alone raise us through the forgiveness of sins by your Son Jesus Christ. May we rely solely on Him for our sustenance and sustaining. In Christ’s Name, we pray. Amen.