The 6th Thursday in Lent 2019

Deliver me from my enemies, O LORD! I have fled to you for refuge! Psalm 143:9

When oppressed by enemies, we long for deliverance.

When we seek ways to deliver self, we only perpetuate oppression.

When we seek God's deliverance, we seek the way He has given.

In fleeing to God for refuge, we seek the way this world scorns.

For it is the patient path of seeking help, of praying for our enemies.

That they one day reconcile with us, becoming fellow believers.

It is the patient path of submission to loving our enemies in response to their provocations.

It is the way of Christ, of giving to even enemies in need.

In such we find His deliverance and His refuge.


Almighty God, help us to turn to you alone for deliverance. Aid our words and actions to reflect your approach to enemies, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.