Music at Holy Trinity

Music is a vital part of the life of our Parish. Our worship music is guided by the concept of catholicity: believing as we do that we worship with our fellow Christians around the world and with those who have gone before us, it is appropriate to sing songs and hymns from every era of our history.

A typical worship service at Holy Trinity will feature selections from the 1940 Hymnal, chant, several contemporary worship songs, and traditional and original liturgical music, all arranged for piano, organ, guitar, percussion, and strings. We enjoy traditional harmony for the hymns and pop and folk harmonies for the contemporary songs.

Our musicians have written many songs, hymns, and liturgical settings and we will soon be including those resources here.

In addition to worship music, we love to sing songs together around the Church patio and in the Parish hall. 

We regularly host concerts by well known Christian artists and enjoy sharing those times with guests from outside the Parish.

This is what Sunday morning at Holy Trinity sounds like. We pray it will bless you and direct your heart toward God the Holy Trinity.